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Attorney Yuka Hongo of Hongo Law Office, LLLC is dedicated to helping make the estate planning and probate process easier for clients. She can meet with you to review your financial situation, discuss your goals and create an estate plan that prepares your family for the future. She can also answer any questions and address any concerns that you have.

Our firm serves clients in Japan and Hawaii. Attorney Hongo meets with clients in her Honolulu office, as well as in Japan, where she conducts estate planning seminars every year. She is also available for phone and video conferencing consultations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with an estate planning lawyer at a time that works for you.

Here are some reviews from our clients: 

"Given that many people in Japan do not understand the legal procedures in the U.S. including those related to estate planning matters, the clients that I have referred to Ms. Hongo happily reported to me that “she was very easy to talk to.” Lawyers in the U.S. can be difficult to talk to at times, but I think people find it easy to talk to Ms. Hongo. I also like the fact that Ms. Hongo follows up with her clients on a timely basis."

Honolulu,  Honolulu, Sachiko Trillo

"I trusted Ms. Hongo with our matter, as Hongo Tsuji Tax & Consulting, our accounting firm, introduced me to Ms. Hongo. I consulted her with regards to estate planning, and I appreciated the fact that she took care of our documents in a timely manner."

Tokyo, K.A.


"I appreciated Ms. Hongo’s professional expertise and the kind way in which she took care of our matter. I am truly happy that she helped us."

Osaka, Mitsuko Seto

"Ms. Hongo not only prepared my trust, but also took care of legal matters involving my company. Her fee is reasonable, and she follows up with you in a timely manner."

Company Owner, S. Suzuki

"Ms. Hongo responded to us in a kind and timely manner."

Tokyo, H.H.

"Ms. Hongo took care of our matter in a kind manner. We liked the fact that her office was located in Waikiki, near our home."

Waikiki, Sugiyama

"I became a successor to 2 condominiums that my wife owned in Hawaii, after my wife passed away. Ms. Hongo took care of our probate matter in a short timeframe of 1 year. We feel very grateful to her."

Nasu, Shuichi Sakamoto


"Our clients were very satisfied with Ms. Hongo’s service because she was able to explain matters such as probate in an easy-to-understand manner. Ms. Hongo is also an acceptance agent who can complete the process of obtaining the ITIN. Ms. Hongo is someone we can rely on for any matter."

Tokyo, Noboru Ohhashi, List Sotheby’s


"We retained Ms. Hongo for designating a beneficiary for our condominium in Honolulu. We were very grateful that she listened carefully to our wishes, and explained very clearly to us the procedures that will be necessary, and the difference in rules between Japan and the U.S. We were also pleasantly surprised that she completed our work so quickly and efficiently. We would like to retain her in the future should we run into any problems/issues."

Tokyo, Anonymous


"Thank you for helping me with the retitling of deeds for my property as well as assisting me with the estate planning for this property. Given that the U.S. real estate recording process and its pertaining laws differ from those of Japan, and it is difficult to learn about them in English, I appreciated Ms. Hongo being able to explain them to me in an understandable manner. I would like to seek her help in the future for other matters."

Honolulu, K. Iwasaki


"Ms. Hongo helped me with the estate planning for my real estate in Hawaii. I was glad she was able to help me during her visit in Japan."

Kawasaki, S.T.


"It was our long-term goal to prepare a trust for our family. We are now able to take the next step in our lives, as Ms. Hongo applied her proficient bilingual skills to efficiently take care of our matter. We are very grateful for what she did for us."

Honolulu, A.P. couple


"I am an owner of a number of properties in the U.S. However, I retained Ms. Hongo for the first time for preparing a transfer on death deed for a property that I recently bought in Honolulu. I had learned about the transfer on death deed at Ms. Hongo’s seminar in Japan and wanted to have one prepared for my recently purchased property in Honolulu. When I asked her to prepare a transfer on death deed before my trip to Honolulu, she completed the work very efficiently through an exchange of several emails with me while I was still in Japan. When I visited her office in Honolulu, we were able to complete our meeting in 10 minutes, due to the efficient manner by which Ms. Hongo communicated with me while I was in Japan. Ms. Hongo proceeded in a truly efficient and professional manner, and I sincerely appreciated her Japanese capability. I would like to seek her counsel in the future with respect to U.S. property and other U.S. legal issues.  thank you for your help."

Tokyo, M.H.


"Initially, I was very worried about the probate process, but Ms. Hongo helped me alleviate my worries. She explained matters to me in a kind and detailed manner, and also responded very quickly to my urgent requests. I would like to retain her in the future for other matters."

Honolulu, T.W.